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Disaster Restoration And Cleaning Services

Eco Pro Restoration is the best damage restoration company in Baltimore. With over 30 years of experience, Eco Pro provides water damage remediation services, mold removal and remediation services for both residential homes as well as commercial buildings such as hotels.

We provide 24/7 emergency service no matter where you are located throughout Maryland with technicians on call waiting to help get your life back together after any disaster that may strike! We offer fair pricing, honest work and will even help you file your insurance.

Find out why we are the premier damage restoration company in Baltimore today!

We accept all insurance and will even help you file it!

Don’t let the insurance company decide who you should use. They will cut corners and that will ultimately cost YOU! Choose a local Baltimore business that has your best interests in mind. Call Eco Pro Restoration TODAY.

Water Damage Restoration

Eco Pro Restoration of Baltimore handles any and all emergencies like this. Water Damage is our specialty!

Water Damage can come from a variety of sources. Our technicians can handle them all.

Broken Pipes

A broken dishwasher hose, water from washing machine overflow, dishwashers leaking water or clogged drains overflowing into the toilet are among some common causes.


A broken dishwasher hose, water from washing machine overflow, dishwashers leaking water or clogged drains overflowing into the toilet are among some common causes.

Storm Damage

Whether it’s floods caused by heavy rain, blizzards, tornadoes, or other natural disasters, Eco Pro Restoration can help. Natural catastrophes may wreak havoc on communities, causing thousands of dollars in damage to homes and businesses. You must act quickly if calamity strikes your neighborhood and your property needs to be repaired.

Sewer Damage

Whether flooding, a clogged drain, or a natural calamity caused your sewage damage, sewage overflow is an issue you must handle right away. Sewage backups necessitate immediate intervention since the water may contain bacteria, viruses, and other microbes that are potentially dangerous to your health. Sewage backups can cause substantial structural damage to both your property and plumbing system, in addition to being a health danger. To avoid these dangers, choose a business that is prepared to handle a wide range of sewage crises. This is where we can help.

Carpet Drying

Carpet drying helps you save both time and money.
Here’s a typical scenario for us: You’ve discovered water everywhere and want it gone as soon as possible to avoid mold! 

We can help with our proven restoration processes. We can successfully remove water, avoid odors, and keep your carpet from needing replacement by employing powerful truck mounted extractors and carpet drying equipment, saving you thousands in repair costs.

Ceiling Water Damage Repair

Water damage to the ceiling can lead to mold and structural problems if not handled. To avoid ceiling mold, make sure to remedy any ceiling water leaks as soon as possible. It’s critical to fix any water damage as soon as possible in order to avoid mold growth in ceilings and walls.


After the dry out and mitigation have been done, you will unavoidably need to restore your property, as with any water/fire restoration. We promise a smooth transition from our mitigation division to our reconstruction/restoration division as a full-service restoration firm, so you don’t have to worry about your property.

Hardwood Floor Drying

Do your costly hardwood floors have water damage? Don’t be alarmed! We can assist you. Water damage on a hardwood floor used to almost always signify it needed to be replaced. Our drying technology, on the other hand, can not only dry your floors, but also help restore its natural shape in a matter of days.

When a wood floor is damp, it expands with little room to do so and tends to “crown,” or swell up around the edges of the boards. Many people are unaware that this situation can usually be rectified, saving thousands of dollars in repair expenditures. We can properly dry your wood floor as well as the wood subfloor beneath it utilizing our proven drying and restoration technology.

Wall and Cabinet Drying

When it comes to wall and cabinet drying, the biggest benefit we can frequently provide is not only drying what can be seen, but also identifying the moisture that can’t be seen. When examining any repair problem, we are most concerned about hidden wetness. What about the sections that are tough to dry? What about the space behind the kitchen cabinets, the bathtub, or the built-in shelves? We frequently uncover moisture that other businesses mistakenly leave behind through a complete, detailed inspection using moisture meters and thermal imaging cameras.

Mold Remediation

Mold Remediation is important to consider so you can get rid of any health issues that might be lurking in your home. Mold damage could result from standing water, a leaking roof or pipe, and other factors – but it’s always best to prevent mold growth before the need for remediation arises.

Mold Inspection

Mold is one of the most insidious dangers in homes and businesses, as it can creep up on you before your eyes. Once mold gets its hooks into a home or office space, there will be no stopping it – if not detected early enough! That’s why getting a mold inspection at every water-damaged property is critical for protecting both health and well-being.

Mold Removal

Mold removal is an effective way to ensure that your property doesn’t suffer damaging effects such as allergic reactions and respiratory problems due to toxic molds. The most common type of situation where this becomes necessary are those with standing water which promotes quick-growing fungi like black mold spores; these types often reside within construction materials too when drywall gets wet then dries out again repeatedly without drying properly first because people don’t know about.

Mold Testing

Are you curious about the quality of the air in your home? Whether you have severe allergies or you simply want to keep yourself and your family healthy, having a mold inspection and testing procedure done is always a good idea. Mold testing procedures involve testing for mold in different areas as well. These include airborne mold spores as well as visible mold on various surfaces in your home.

Black Mold Removal

Black mold is a type of fungus that grows in humid areas with little to no ventilation. When someone comes into contact with black mold, they can develop an illness called Black Mold Syndrome which usually consists of non-specific symptoms such as coughing, wheezing, and difficulty breathing.

Eco Pro Restoration can remove black mold safely and professionally. Call us today to get a quote on our services

Goldmoor Mold Removal Systems

We are certified technicians for Goldmoor products! The Goldmorr System is hands down the most advanced mold removal technology on the market.

Goldmorr Technicians and Master Technicians are highly trained individuals who will do everything they can to identify and subsequently solve your mold problems. Generally, they will not remove drywall from your home, which will eliminate expensive deconstruction and reconstruction. In most cases, you will be back in your home the same day. Your Goldmorr representative is also trained to maintain your confidentiality at all times. You can find out more about the Goldmoor system at

Fire Damage Restoration

Fire is a terrifying and destructive force that can wreak havoc on the lives of those who experience it. The smoke damage from fires often causes more destruction than the actual flames themselves.  We handle fire & smoke damage restoration to your home and business quickly and efficiently.

Fire Damage Repair

If your home has suffered damage from a fire, we will clean and restore it to its original condition.

A fire can be a traumatic experience for many people, but you don’t need to worry about the aftermath of your disaster any longer.

Odor Removal

We use our unlimited supply of portable, commercial ozone generators to saturate any space with high concentrations (‘shock’ levels) of O3 ozone gas. Ozone oxidizes odor & mold-causing VOC’s (volatile organic compounds) at the molecular level. Rather than adding harsh chemicals & detergents to your space that leave a messy residue ozone reacts to the air to neutralize odors & sanitize the space back to sterile condition. Ozone doesn’t simply make a room smell better with fragrance or odor-masking. It removes odors all together. Permanent odor removal and non-invasive to your property.

Smoke Damage Restoration

Smoke damage is the result of a fire and can be caused by other fires as well. Smoke damages surfaces such as ceilings, walls, furniture and other household goods. The degree of smoke damage is determined by the type of materials that were consumed in the fire.

Smoke damage can be cleaned to restore it back to its original state before being damaged by smoke, but additional problems can arise with some types of smoke.

Water Damage Repair

Water damage from a fire can be caused by two things: the temperature of the water used to extinguish the flames and how long it takes for them to cool. If there is a large amount of water going on a fire, the temperature can reach over 400 degrees Fahrenheit. This will cause a lot of damage to anything in its path.

It is important for homeowners and business owners to have a water damage restoration company handle the cleanup.

Boarding Up & Tarping Services

Boarding up and tarping services are a must for fire damage restoration. The board-up service is the most common request following a fire, as people want to seal off their property from potential looters and vandals. Boarding up is also important for preventing pests and other hazards from entering the property.

The tarping service is used to protect your home while it’s being repaired or rebuilt.

Soot Removal

Soot is the black, oily residue left behind after a fire. When soot builds up in your home or business it can cause damage to anything that comes into contact with it, including the air you breathe.

The soot can be a fire hazard and cause respiratory problems because it prevents oxygen from getting to the lungs. So when a fire damages your home or business, call the experts at Eco Pro Restoration for fire damage restoration.

Content Cleaning

Content cleaning is the process of removing any organic-based substances from a surface. This may be in response to fire damage, or simply as part of regular maintenance. Content cleaning can include both wet and dry cleaning methods.

For example, a common wet content clean is a steam cleaner which will loosen the soot from the surface by using high-pressure steam to remove it. Dry content cleaning includes the use of a variety of tools, including brushes and vacuums.

Packout Services

Packout Services are a very common service provided by fire damage restoration companies. When someone’s property is covered in soot and ash, they may need to have all their belongings removed from the residence and transported to a location where they can be thoroughly cleaned. The process of removing items from the home is called “packout.”

Basement Waterproofing

Eco Pro Restoration in Baltimore, MD provides the best basement waterproofing available. We come out to your property and determine exactly what is causing your basement to become moist. In cases that it’s an unfinished basement or a leak occurs through pipes like those found in many homes today, we’ll be able to find where the water is leaking from quickly and easily with one of our specialized tools that detects moisture levels on surfaces like walls and ceilings too!

Foundation Repair

Nothing is more distressing for a homeowner than discovering foundation issues in their home. Your mind races with concerns about structure damage, restoration costs, family safety, and other issues. Rest assured that with proper information and our award-winning foundation repair service, Eco Pro Restoration will help you get through it all.

Crawlspace Encapsulation

Water damage or flooding in your crawlspace can result in a number of structural issues as well as health issues. Mold and germs will grow on the wooden floor joists and the bottom of the sub-flooring if there is too much humidity in your crawlspace due to evaporation of standing water or moist soil conditions.

Water in the crawlspace can cause the insulation to lose its R-Value or even collapse. When the moisture level in the crawlspace is high, we’ve witnessed hardwood floors cupping and bowing. Mold can also form in the living area, particularly where the walls and floor meet.

Bacteria and mold carried by water can enter ductwork and cause serious indoor air quality issues. It’s critical to get the water out of your crawlspace as soon as possible.

Sump Pumps

The usual life span of a sump pump is 5 to 10 years. It will eventually fail, usually without warning, over a long period of time. We may replace your existing sump pump, or if your home doesn’t have one, we can construct a completely new system that includes a sealed basin and a high water alarm to warn you of any possible concerns.

Drain Tile Systems

Drain tile is an underground drainage system that is installed around a building’s footings. A drain tile system prevents ground water from infiltrating a basement or crawl space by directing it away from the structure before it can enter. Because drain tile is made of porous pipe, water drains into the pipe system rather than into your home. Using a combination of gravity and a sump pump, water is then channeled away from your property.

Basement Flood Cleanup

We can manage any type of basement flooding, whether it was caused by sewage or storm damage.
We provide top-notch basement flooding solutions so you can get back on your feet quickly following storm or sewage damage. Our professionals are trained to restore your house or business to its pre-loss condition.

Foundation Wall Cracks

Foundation cracks are a typical problem in basements, and they’re usually caused by the house settling on the foundation or the earth beneath it. Foundation cracks must be addressed because they serve as a water entry point and, as a result, cause structural damage to your home.

Other structural concerns in the property are caused by major foundation fractures, such as cracks in the house walls, corners of entrances, and around windows.

Coronavirus Disinfection

Coronavirus is one of the harshest viruses to combat. The virus can cause severe respiratory problems, and even death! It’s important that you don’t let your business be infected by this deadly disease. Call our Coronavirus disinfection service today for a competitive quote on how we’ll clean up any mess caused from this scary infection!

We offer professional cleaning services at affordable rates designed specifically for businesses like yours who want their employees – as well as customers- protected against potential outbreaks of coronaviruses everywhere they go into contact with surfaces near them every day.

COVID-19 Disinfection

Virus disinfection specialists at Eco Pro Restoration are specially prepared to clean and disinfect your business or commercial property during this time. We strictly adhere to the CDC’s guidelines. We have over 17 years of infectious-contaminant management experience and will perform the job right the first time.

Air Duct Cleaning

Our experts have years of expertise and advanced training in air duct cleaning, but they also recognize that achieving and maintaining a clean air environment is a process, not a one-time event. Our skilled specialists don’t just move the dust around. They clean your system of allergies, dirt, and other pollutants.

EPA Approved Disinfectants

Because disinfectants are used so frequently in offices, the odors from many of them are too much for some employees and consumers. We utilize an EPA-approved compound that is effective against the Coronavirus but has a low odor.

Our disinfectant also doesn’t leave any residue. When you choose us for COVID-19 disinfecting cleaning, you’ll get a thorough clean without any of the negative side effects.

Fogging Services

The Disinfecting Fogging Service is advised for anyone who has been exposed to any type of virus, including flu/cold viruses and human coronavirus, either directly or indirectly. This disinfection procedure is safe to use in homes, offices, schools, daycare centers, gyms, locker rooms, churches, and supermarkets, among other places!

Eco Pro Restoration will supply a hospital-grade disinfectant as well as a thermal fogging device that uses heat to create a fog-like dry mist that swiftly penetrates difficult-to-reach regions. It’s non-corrosive and EPA-approved, so it’s safe to use on any surface or with electronics. It can be used on a variety of surfaces and items.

Indoor Air Quality Testing

Indoor air quality investigations and testing are something that Eco Pro Restoration has a lot of experience with. When it comes to indoor air quality issues, we know how critical it is to respond immediately to our clients. On the same day or the next day after receiving a call, a technician can usually be on location with testing equipment. In many cases, the issue is discovered during the first visit.

Mold Testing

Are you curious about the quality of the air in your home? Whether you have severe allergies or you simply want to keep you and your family healthy, having a mold inspection and testing procedure done is always a good idea. Mold testing procedures involve testing for mold in different areas as well. These include airborne mold spores as well as visible mold on various surfaces in your home.


VOCs, or volatile organic compounds, are found in buildings as dirt, gases, carbon dioxide, carbon monoxide, sulfur dioxide, nitrogen dioxide, formaldehyde, pet dander, dust mites, and other substances.


Chana ora laviChana ora lavi
12:52 11 Aug 22
Extremely knowledgeable respectful professional and responsive. What more could you want? Answered all our questions patiently. Good to have excellent professional people around. If there were such good people for every trade the world would be a better place 😁
Alicia HammonsAlicia Hammons
16:27 29 Jul 22
Jerry was extremely helpful over the phone and then came out the next morning to assess and make recommendations. He didn't try to oversell us on things we didn't need. I'll definitely call back if I need help again!
Shana SchwartzbergShana Schwartzberg
16:24 27 Jul 22
Jerry came for an estimate. He was on time, thorough and helpful with observations and suggestions. He understood the situation and didn't try to upsell us. The project may go in a different direction, but I highly recommend Eco Pro Restoration.
Jonathan BaronJonathan Baron
00:54 24 Jun 22
We had a lot of water in our finished basement and not a clue how to deal with it. We tried borrowing a wet vac from a neighbor and they recommended to call Eco Pro Restoration. From then on it was easy. Jerry came quickly, knew what needed to get done and got it done. After meeting him, I still had water in the basement but I had peace of mind that it will be taken care of correctly. His advice was helpful in making an insurance claim and in diagnosing the source of the problem. The crew was professional, efficient and respectful of our family and home.
michael andreaggimichael andreaggi
18:20 11 Apr 22
Fantastic company to work with. Reliable, prompt. Would gladly use again. Thank you.
Avi FogelAvi Fogel
19:59 15 Mar 22
Eco Pro was easy to deal with and knowledgeable in their trade. We had an internal flood caused by a plumbing failure and the team was on site the same day to assess the damage. They used sophisticated tools to "see through" walls and floors and measure the moisture. Their thermal imaging and advise was key to providing our insurance company what they needed, as well as the contractor who did the repairs. I'd definitely recommend their service.
cheryl Blackcheryl Black
13:42 04 Mar 22
My home was for sale. The buyer had it inspected and found mold in the attic of which I was unaware. I contacted several companies for an estimate. Eco Pro stood out in terms of responsiveness, professionalism, and fair pricing. They sent two gentleman to do the job. They put plastic across the floor and steps from the front door to the attic site to make certain no debris was left behind. They did a great job. I highly recommend them, a trustworthy business.
Jedidah WanjikuJedidah Wanjiku
00:39 19 Jan 22
I called a couple of places for mold removal services and Eco Pro was very prompt and always responsive. They were also the most affordable quote I got. They took care of the mold situation we had. 100% recommend Eco Pro!
Shlomo KrukShlomo Kruk
12:25 17 Dec 21
I had Jerry come out to assess mold in my home. He was able to come out quickly and identify the issue. Pricing for mold remediation and duct cleaning was reasonable and the work was done quickly and efficiently. I have referred Eco Pro Restoration to many of my clients for waterproofing and mold remediation and have only received positive feedback!
Ashley MearsAshley Mears
21:14 09 Dec 21
I called Eco pro restoration after a less than satisfactory experience with another mold company. Jerry came out to give me a free estimate and I was very satisfied.. He let me know let me know that some dry mold from old water damage should not be a big concern. This was much different from the recommendation I had gotten from the other company who charged me $99 for an estimate. They.had told me that they would have to completely tear down the walls of the entire room down to the studs and then I would have to pay a contractor to reconstruct the room. I was very impressed that Eco pro restoration took time to come out and look at the site and then ultimately recommend that I do not take any action. The only way they would have made money is if they had recommended a service, which they could have easily done. To me, this is really good business ethics.
Carolyn MooringCarolyn Mooring
19:35 07 Dec 21
I highly recommend this company. Jerry was knowledgeable polite and courteous. The job was done professionally and complete. There was no long waiting period.
Elgy ElgamilElgy Elgamil
17:04 28 Nov 21
Jerry knew how to tackle the issue and came out and resolved everything timely. Would definitely recommend him to others. His pricing was fair and he showed up!
Alex SheinAlex Shein
18:08 25 Nov 21
The best water clean up and waterproofing company. I used many companies in the past, but ECO Pro Restoration beat their price by thousands , got it done quickly and even sent me daily emails of the process. A++
Greenbank HomeGreenbank Home
04:13 04 Nov 21
Jerry was extremely responsive, knowledgeable, and professional. He was able to discover and isolate the problem with incredible quickness and was remarkably thorough in his work. He was also able to very clearly advise me of what needs to be done to remediate the issue, without exaggerating it to be overwhelming . I would highly recommend his services to anyone that has water or mold issues. Thanks so much!
leah sandersleah sanders
04:41 27 Sep 21
Came out quickly for mold inspection. Did not charge for visit gave advise that will save me time and money in the future. Professional and wonderful.
Ben JakobBen Jakob
21:45 30 Aug 21
Wonderful experience. Professional. Courteous. Informative. Knowledgeable.
Jacinta CaseyJacinta Casey
16:22 20 Aug 21
The estimate was scheduled and completed quickly and after calling to schedule, the work was done quickly and professionally. The cost was very reasonable, and we are happy with the work that was done for us!
Sara SilberbergSara Silberberg
21:06 12 Aug 21
Eco pro came out quickly and provided valuable information and insight. I found the owner very knowledgeable and honest. Definitely recommend!
rivka didiorivka didio
02:58 03 Aug 21
Very reliable and punctual , very professional , they came a few times to make sure it was ready for next step, and leave it perfect , and they clean after themselvesThank you!
JaLeesa TateJaLeesa Tate
19:30 09 Jul 21
I contacted the Eco Pro and they came out the same day to provide me a free estimate. Jerry was very professional and took the additional step of pointing out areas around my home that were a risk to allowing water in. He provided a detailed breakdown for the estimate so I was aware of exactly what the fee was for the services, labor, materials, etc. It was easy to schedule the service and Eco Pro arrived on-time. The gentlemen performing the mold removal were professional and ensured they explained exactly what they were doing. Apart from the actual services I found Jerry to be responsive to additional inquires I had prior to Eco Pro completing the work. I would highly recommend them.
Elie DassElie Dass
02:35 08 Jul 21
I called eco pro restoration after having a flood in the basement which left a musty smell. Eco pro showed up the same day I called and was extremely helpful. They checked for water and mold and told me exactly what I could do to solve the problem of the musty smell.I was very impressed with the professionalism and honesty about what needed to be done without trying to push their services on me.I will definitely call again with any problems in the future!
Katie FitzgeraldKatie Fitzgerald
19:52 06 Jul 21
Jerry was super helpful coming out to see water damage due to a flood in the basement. He gave great advice on how to tackle it at no charge. Super trustworthy and knowledgeable. Definitely call them!
19:48 01 Jul 21
Jerry from the office was responsive and efficient. He visited my house for an inspection on the same day when I reached out to him and gave me a detailed estimation. The field workers were friendly and professional. They did their job done nicely. The cost was also reasonable. Overall, I strongly recommend Eco Pro!
Ryan SpadaroRyan Spadaro
16:39 23 Jun 21
I didn’t end up contracting Eco Pro for the job. They suggested I reach out to a mason for the brick issues. However, they were very responsive, respectful and provided us with the information we needed to make an informed decision.
S. GoldenbergS. Goldenberg
20:51 10 Jun 21
THANK YOU Eco Pro Restoration!!! You are exactly what your name suggests, true PROS! Thank you for speedy response time, professionalism and excellent service!!! You were a pleasure to work with & we will recommend you to our friends & associates.
00:45 11 May 21
We had an unfortunate sewage backup and when we called for carpet cleaning we were given a recommendation to Eco Pro. They came, they saw, they removed! Quite a lot of removal, it's scary how quickly water gets under the carpet. Fortunately, we had full basement coverage and Eco Pro handled the insurance paperwork completely.
M ZeigerM Zeiger
04:06 10 May 21
I called Eco Pro and Jerry responded immediately. He personally came over within a few hours of my call and patiently answered all my questions, explaining how the mitigation and restoration process works with insurance. His guys were on time, professional, and got the job done efficiently. Everyone I dealt with was courteous, honest, and very helpful. This is a 5 star company, no question about that! In a stressful home situation this is the company you want standing behind you.
Alyssa AlbinakAlyssa Albinak
23:19 02 May 21
I called EcoPro Restoration to get a quote for mold remediation. Jerry contacted me to set up a time for him to come look at the job and provide a quote.First of all, he made it very easy to fit in my schedule and came over on a Sunday afternoon. Secondly, they do not charge for estimates as some other companies do so that was another win.Sunday afternoon Jerry came to the house, arriving about 10 minutes early. We went to the basement and he thoroughly checked out the mold on the walls and other areas of concern. He said this is something easily fixed with some cleaning, a coat of Killz and some fresh paint. He said no need to hire mold remediation professionals for that and save the money. Well, I was rather surprised because another company quoted me $4,000 for the same job.Jerry suggested that we walk around the outside of the house to see if there were any potential problems and provided suggestions for a few things that I could take care of.It is so refreshing to deal with an honest company that really could have just written up a quote for work that really did not need to be done by a professional.I highly recommend these guys to anyone looking to get mold remediation work done. They are super professional and honest as they come!
Gitty KatzGitty Katz
21:46 09 Apr 21
Nobody wants to deal with a sewage backup, but echo pro restoration of Baltimore made the process easy and painless. They were there within a couple hours and promptly and professionally cleaned up our basement. We could not be happier with the cleaning.
Yehuda MondYehuda Mond
03:16 16 Mar 21
Mr. Stal and his team did a great job replacing the ceiling in our room damaged by an internal water leak. His availability fit our schedule perfectly, his team was unobtrusive and efficient, his prices were transparent and very reasonable, and the finished job looked excellent! We hope we don't need these services in the future (who does?), but if you need them, EcoPro's the way to go!
Bridget FetzerBridget Fetzer
14:35 24 Feb 21
We used Eco Pro Restoration for the first time when our bedroom was flooded due to an old window and really bad storm. Jerry came over and checked under our carpet and in our vent for mold/water damage. He reassured us that we kept it dry enough by soaking up the water with towels, but sprayed under the carpets to be safe. Luckily we had home owners insurance and that covered most of the costs that ended up being less than expected.Now years later, we have an issue with mold in our bathroom due to bad ventilation. We contacted 2 other mold remediation companies before I contacted Eco Pro Restoration (I found them on Google again and remembered our good experience). The first company told us they needed to remove all of the dry wall and it would cost at least $1,500. The second company wanted to charge us $150 for just an estimate, so we didn't even bother with them. Jerry came the day after I called Eco Pro Restoration and checked the moisture in the ceiling of our bathroom. He told me it was just on the surface and we could just clean it with mold cleaner/bleach and then paint with mold-resistant paint. He also suggested getting a stronger vent. We weren't charged for this and I was extremely relieved. He saved us a lot of money!I highly recommend Eco Pro Restoration. They are honest and obviously not just in it for the money. I feel like I can trust them.
Sara CraneSara Crane
01:16 19 Feb 21
Eco Pro was a wonderful company to work with. Jerry Stall and his team were timely, professional and delivered just what we needed - excellent water remediation as well as beautiful rebuild! Highly recommend.
Muzna AnsariMuzna Ansari
16:54 29 Dec 20
Jerry is very knowledgeable and knew exactly what needed to be done to address the water damage problems in our basement. We got multiple quotes and he was by far the most fair. His team was also great! Even more importantly, if there is anything about their service you're not satisfied with, they will go above and beyond to make it right. Thank you Eco Pro!!
Yehuda TenenbaumYehuda Tenenbaum
00:14 28 Dec 20
Thank you for being so available and coming out to give me an estimate for free. Very helpful. 🙂
Brian WeaverBrian Weaver
03:08 07 Dec 20
We had found mold surrounding our basement bathroom, and after a brief search on google for a company, I came across Eco Pro. I was impressed by the reviews, and I can say now that you should absolutely believe that this company has earned all these 5 star reviews - especially mine; and the very many positive reviews on Angie's list.After calling the company, and having Jerry come out and inspect, we were able to have Eco Pro come out 2 days later; and do the mold remediation. The crew was awesome, and finished before the estimated time. We need A LOT more people like Jerry and his team. That being said, I hope that we won't need this company's services again, but if we run into issues again, we know who to call!
Shimmy PShimmy P
17:34 21 Aug 20
I was in the middle of finishing a basement, and after a big rain over the weekend I needed an experienced water restoration professional to get my renovation back on track. Eco Pro had excellent references, and was an expert in water restoration. I had very minimal space available for sump pump placement, and I needed creativity and experience in tackling this complex issue. Jerry came himself, assessed the exact location of water entry, and managed to find a perfect location to place the exit pipe of the sump pump. Eco Pro was sensitive towards salvaging the new construction on the basement, and allowed me to finish the work on the basement. To top it all off, the pricing was incredible! Jerry is someone who will give you the time, and will hit at the epicenter of the exact location of your water restoration needs.
Devin BDevin B
06:08 15 Aug 20
I highly recommend Eco Pro Restoration! Jerry was very helpful and honest!! He did a detailed inspection of my home and confirmed that my home is in good shape with no mold issues. He was very observant and gave me great suggestions for how I can reduce dust and indoor allergies within my home. He is very knowledgeable.

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