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Damage Restoration Company In Maryland

Eco Pro Restoration is the best damage restoration company in Baltimore. With over 30 years of experience, Eco Pro provides water damage remediation services, mold removal and remediation services for both residential homes as well as commercial buildings such as hotels. We provide 24/7 emergency service no matter where you are located throughout Maryland with technicians on call waiting to help get your life back together after any disaster that may strike! We offer fair pricing, honest work and will even help you file your insurance. Find out why we are the premiere damage restoration company in Baltimore today!

damage restoration company in Baltimore
damage restoration company in Baltimore
damage restoration company in Baltimore
damage restoration company in Baltimore
damage restoration company in Baltimore
damage restoration company in Baltimore
damage restoration company in Baltimore

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Eco Pro Restoration Offers Free Estimates On All Of Our Services.

Water Damage Restoration

Water Damage can come from a variety of sources. A broken dishwasher hose, water from washing machine overflow, dishwashers leaking water or clogged drains overflowing into the toilet are among some common causes. Heavy rain may cause problems if there is standing pooled water outside and it soaks through an area that has already been weakened by rot or mold growth; this will worsen the problem because any new cracks created in your home’s foundation as result of these weather conditions would be able to let more moisture inside which could lead to greater damage on its own and make future repairs even costlier than they otherwise might have been – all for what? For nothing! Avoid getting soaked with anything but good times by taking preventive measures now before you find yourself dealing with disaster.

Eco Pro Restoration of Baltimore handles any and all emergencies like this. Water Damage is our specialty!

Mold Inspections

Mold Remediation is important to consider so you can get rid of any health issues that might be lurking in your home. Mold damage could result from standing water, a leaking roof or pipe, and other factors – but it’s always best to prevent mold growth before the need for remediation arises.

Mold remediation is an effective way to ensure that your property doesn’t suffer damaging effects such as allergic reactions and respiratory problems due to toxic molds. The most common type of situation where this becomes necessary are those with standing water which promote quick-growing fungi like black mold spores; these types often reside within construction materials too when drywall gets wet then dries out again repeatedly without drying properly first because people don’t know about

Mold is one of the most insidious dangers in homes and business, as it can creep up on you before your eyes. Once mold sets its hooks into a home or office space, there will be no stopping it – if not detected early enough! That’s why getting an inspection at every water-damaged property is critical for protecting both health and well being.

Fire and Smoke Damage

Fire is a terrifying and destructive force that can wreak havoc on the lives of those who experience it. There’s an age old saying, “It better to be robbed than burned,” which means you’re in more danger if your home catches fire. The smoke damage from fires often causes more destruction than the actual flames themselves due to how much they spread across surfaces like furniture or curtains. Fires are also especially difficult for homeowners because aside from having their property destroyed, victims must deal with emotional and psychological effects such as feeling unsafe where they live anymore even though nothing may have actually happened at their house before this tragedy occurred. We handle fire & smoke damage restoration to your home and business quickly and efficiently.

Mold Testing

Are you curious about the quality of the air in your home? Whether you have severe allergies or you simply want to keep you and your family healthy, having a mold inspection and testing procedure done is always a good idea. Mold testing procedures involve testing for mold in different areas as well. These include airborne mold spores as well as visible mold on various surfaces in your home.

Odor Elimination

We use our unlimited supply of portable, commercial ozone generators to saturate any space with high concentrations (‘shock’ levels) of O3 ozone gas. Ozone oxidizes odor & mold-causing VOC’s (volatile organic compounds) at the molecular level. Rather than adding harsh chemicals & detergents to your space that leave a messy residue ozone reacts to the air to neutralize odors & sanitize the space back to sterile condition. Ozone doesn’t simply make a room smell better with fragrance or odor-masking. It removes odors all together. Permanent odor removal and non-invasive to your property.

Basement Waterproofing

Eco Pro Restoration in Baltimore, MD provides the best basement waterproofing available. We come out to your property and determine exactly what is causing your basement to become moist. In cases that it’s an unfinished basement or a leak occurs through pipes like those found in many homes today, we’ll be able to find where the water is leaking from quickly and easily with one of our specialized tools that detects moisture levels on surfaces like walls and ceilings too!

EcoPro Restoration specializes by providing excellent solutions for any type of wet space: basements (unfinished or not), crawl spaces, storage areas…we do them all well!

Coronavirus Disinfection Services

Coronavirus is one of the harshest viruses to combat. The virus can cause severe respiratory problems, and even death! It’s important that you don’t let your business be infected by this deadly disease. Call our Coronavirus disinfection service today for a competitive quote on how we’ll clean up any mess caused from this scary infection!

Infected with an incredibly dangerous virus? We have just what it takes to eradicate its presence in your workplace: professional cleaning services at affordable rates designed specifically for businesses like yours who want their employees – as well as customers- protected against potential outbreaks of coronaviruses everywhere they go into contact with surfaces near them every day.

We do this in businesses, restaurants, schools, fitness centers or any workplace.

Goldmorr Master Technicians

The Goldmorr System is hands down the most advanced mold remediation technology on the market.

Goldmorr Technicians and Master Technicians are highly trained individuals who will do everything they can to identify and subsequently solve your basement waterproofing problems. Generally, they will not remove drywall from your home, which will eliminate expensive deconstruction and reconstruction. In most cases, you will be back in your home the same day. Your Goldmorr representative is also trained to maintain your confidentiality at all times. You can find out more about the Goldmoor system at