Basement Waterproofing In Baltimore Maryland

Basement Waterproofing

Eco Pro Restoration offers basement waterproofing in Baltimore and the surrounding areas. We will come out to your home and identify what is causing your water damage. Our professionals will be able to determine the source of your leak with no disruption to your finishing. First we determine the source of the basement water damage. Then our professionals will discuss the best solution to remedy it. Sealing of foundation wall cracks is one method. Sealing can be done using an epoxy injection processes done from the inside of the basement. We can also use a wall clay process done from the outside of your basement. Both methods are sturdy and long-lasing in preventing future seepage through the crack into the basement. Immediately afterwards, we can perform mold remediation if any further issues have occurred.

Basement Sealing

Eco Pro Restoration can also determine whether the water in your basement is coming from the cove joint where the floor and the wall meet. This is most noticeable after heavy rain or melting snow has occurred around your home. The best solution for this problem is the installation of a drain tile system also known as a French drain with a sump pump. If the water in your basement is coming over the top of the foundation or through the mortar joint between the bricks on top of the wall, then exterior subsoil will most likely be the solution. No matter what the problem is, Eco Pro Restoration will have the solution for waterproofing your basement. Contact us today and have a dry basement in no time. When you need basement waterproofing in Baltimore, call us first!

Goldmoor Master Technicians are experts in basement waterproofing

Goldmorr Technicians and Master Technicians are highly trained individuals who will do everything they can to identify and subsequently solve your mold problems. Generally, they will not remove drywall from your home, which will eliminate expensive deconstruction and reconstruction. In most cases, you will be back in your home the same day. Your Goldmorr representative is also trained to maintain your confidentiality at all times. You can find out more about the Goldmoor system at

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