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Basement Waterproofing

Eco Pro Restoration offers basement waterproofing in Maryland. We will come out to your home and identify what is causing your water damage. Our professionals will be able to determine the source of your leak with no disruption to your finishing. First we determine the source of the basement water damage. Then our professionals will discuss the best solution to remedy it. Sealing of foundation wall cracks is one method. Sealing can be done using an epoxy injection processes done from the inside of the basement. We can also use a wall clay process done from the outside of your basement. Both methods are sturdy and long-lasing in preventing future seepage through the crack into the basement. Immediately afterwards, we can perform mold remediation if any further issues have occurred.

Basement Sealing

Eco Pro Restoration can also determine whether the water is coming from the cove joint where the floor and the wall meet. This is most noticeable after heavy rain or melting snow has occurred around your home. The best solution for this problem is the installation of a drain tile system also known as a French drain with a sump pump. If the water in your basement is coming over the top of the foundation or through the mortar joint between the bricks on top of the wall, then exterior subsoil will most likely be the solution. No matter what the problem is, Eco Pro Restoration will have the solution for waterproofing your basement. Contact us today and have a dry basement in no time. help, call us first!

Goldmoor Master Technicians Are Experts In Basement Waterproofing

Goldmorr Technicians and Master Technicians are specialists who will do everything they can to address, identify and subsequently solve your mold problems. Generally, they will not remove drywall from your home, which will eliminate expensive deconstruction and reconstruction. In most cases, you will be back in your home the same day. Your Goldmorr representative is also trained to maintain your confidentiality at all times. You can find out more about the Goldmoor system at

Best Basement Waterproofing Contractors

  • 5 star review  Jerry was super helpful coming out to see water damage due to a flood in the basement. He gave great advice on how to tackle it at no charge. Super trustworthy and knowledgeable. Definitely call them!

    thumb Katie Fitzgerald

    5 star review  I contacted the Eco Pro and they came out the same day to provide me a free estimate. Jerry was very professional and took the additional step of pointing out areas around my home that were a risk to allowing water in. He provided a detailed breakdown for the estimate so I was aware of exactly what the fee was for the services, labor, materials, etc. It was easy to schedule the service and Eco Pro arrived on-time. The gentlemen performing the mold removal were professional and ensured they explained exactly what they were doing. Apart from the actual services I found Jerry to be responsive to additional inquires I had prior to Eco Pro completing the work. I would highly recommend them.

    thumb JaLeesa Tate

    5 star review  I called eco pro restoration after having a flood in the basement which left a musty smell. Eco pro showed up the same day I called and was extremely helpful. They checked for water and mold and told me exactly what I could do to solve the problem of the musty smell. I was very impressed with the professionalism and honesty about what needed to be done without trying to push their services on me. I will definitely call again with any problems in the future!

    thumb Elie Dass
  • 5 star review  We had an unfortunate sewage backup and when we called for carpet cleaning we were given a recommendation to Eco Pro. They came, they saw, they removed! Quite a lot of removal, it's scary how quickly water gets under the carpet. Fortunately, we had full basement coverage and Eco Pro handled the insurance paperwork completely.

    thumb Adam

    5 star review  I didn’t end up contracting Eco Pro for the job. They suggested I reach out to a mason for the brick issues. However, they were very responsive, respectful and provided us with the information we needed to make an informed decision.

    thumb Ryan Spadaro

    5 star review  THANK YOU Eco Pro Restoration!!! You are exactly what your name suggests, true PROS! Thank you for speedy response time, professionalism and excellent service!!! You were a pleasure to work with & we will recommend you to our friends & associates.

    thumb S. Goldenberg
  • 5 star review  I called Eco Pro and Jerry responded immediately. He personally came over within a few hours of my call and patiently answered all my questions, explaining how the mitigation and restoration process works with insurance. His guys were on time, professional, and got the job done efficiently. Everyone I dealt with was courteous, honest, and very helpful. This is a 5 star company, no question about that! In a stressful home situation this is the company you want standing behind you.

    thumb M Zeiger

    5 star review  We used Eco Pro Restoration for the first time when our bedroom was flooded due to an old window and really bad storm. Jerry came over and checked under our carpet and in our vent for mold/water damage. He reassured us that we kept it dry enough by soaking up the water with towels, but sprayed under the carpets to be safe. Luckily we had home owners insurance and that covered most of the costs that ended up being less than expected. Now years later, we have an issue with mold in our bathroom due to bad ventilation. We contacted 2 other mold remediation companies before I contacted Eco Pro Restoration (I found them on Google again and remembered our good experience). The first company told us they needed to remove all of the dry wall and it would cost at least $1,500. The second company wanted to charge us $150 for just an estimate, so we didn't even bother with them. Jerry came the day after I called Eco Pro Restoration and checked the moisture in the ceiling of our bathroom. He told me it was just on the surface and we could just clean it with mold cleaner/bleach and then paint with mold-resistant paint. He also suggested getting a stronger vent. We weren't charged for this and I was extremely relieved. He saved us a lot of money! I highly recommend Eco Pro Restoration. They are honest and obviously not just in it for the money. I feel like I can trust them.

    thumb Bridget Fetzer

    5 star review  Nobody wants to deal with a sewage backup, but echo pro restoration of Baltimore made the process easy and painless. They were there within a couple hours and promptly and professionally cleaned up our basement. We could not be happier with the cleaning.

    thumb Gitty Katz
  • 5 star review  Jerry from the office was responsive and efficient. He visited my house for an inspection on the same day when I reached out to him and gave me a detailed estimation. The field workers were friendly and professional. They did their job done nicely. The cost was also reasonable. Overall, I strongly recommend Eco Pro!


    5 star review  I called EcoPro Restoration to get a quote for mold remediation. Jerry contacted me to set up a time for him to come look at the job and provide a quote. First of all, he made it very easy to fit in my schedule and came over on a Sunday afternoon. Secondly, they do not charge for estimates as some other companies do so that was another win. Sunday afternoon Jerry came to the house, arriving about 10 minutes early. We went to the basement and he thoroughly checked out the mold on the walls and other areas of concern. He said this is something easily fixed with some cleaning, a coat of Killz and some fresh paint. He said no need to hire mold remediation professionals for that and save the money. Well, I was rather surprised because another company quoted me $4,000 for the same job. Jerry suggested that we walk around the outside of the house to see if there were any potential problems and provided suggestions for a few things that I could take care of. It is so refreshing to deal with an honest company that really could have just written up a quote for work that really did not need to be done by a professional. I highly recommend these guys to anyone looking to get mold remediation work done. They are super professional and honest as they come!

    thumb Alyssa Albinak

When you find yourself face to face with water in your basement, the first thing you want to find is a company you can trust to correct the issue, quickly. Instead of reaching out to a company that can only offer you a temporary interior waterproofing solution, reach out to Eco Pro Restoration for a permanent solution. Our team has been solving wet basement and foundation problems for over thirty years.

Our company’s success is in our patented systems, which we back up with our warranty that lasts as long as the structure is standing. This includes a foundation that will be dry permanently, and both basement and crawlspace areas that stay dry.

So, what does this mean for you? Simply put, when you have paid for a waterproof basement, or foundation repairs with Eco Pro Restoration, you will never have to worry about paying for the same issues again. When it comes to value, you won’t find a better value for your dollar with any other company. Choose us to avoid continuous issues with leaky basements, damp crawlspaces, and repetitive foundation problems.

Finally, we are a locally operated company. So, if you are looking for a waterproofing company that cares about your community, reach out to our office for solutions that last.

Waterproofing Contractors 

A wet basement is a nightmare to contend with. The problems that can arise are tenfold. From losing your valuables to the water damage, to damage to the structural integrity of your home, damage can also lead to potential health issues for you and your loved ones.

The good news though is that here at Eco Pro Restoration we know how to ensure that basement becomes completely dry and stays that way. We have designed our waterproofing system specifically to intercept any groundwater that is finding its way in and redirect it from your home. This process is done both safely and invisibly. Eco Pro Restoration also offers other waterproofing products that will ensure your property stays both clean and dry.

Reach out to the experts at Eco Pro Restoration to get your basement dried up for good.

Eco Pro Restoration Basement Waterproofing Systems in Baltimore, MD

Even if you don’t have any current issues, it is never too early to take steps to prevent moisture, mold, or damage to your home.

Our company prides itself on providing the best waterproofing solutions, as well as foundation repairs. We want to help you protect your home from damage with our dry basement solutions and foundation repairs.

Your home is valuable, and you can’t take your chances with the first waterproofing company that you come across in Baltimore. You need a company you can trust and that’s why you need Eco Pro Restoration.Please call or email us today for a free estimate on home services or commercial properties.