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Fire & Smoke Damage Clean-Up Services in Baltimore Area

Fire Damage Restoration Fire & smoke damage restoration in Baltimore is no simple process and requires and entire team of professionals to carry out the task. Eco Pro Restoration of Baltimore can handle all of your restoration problems and assist in returning the affected area to it’s previous condition. The professionals at Eco Pro are well trained and can relieve the stress of dealing with your contents and belongings, not to mention the stress of dealing with the insurance companies. Eco Pro Restoration has trained professionals that will move the belongings into storage.

When fire breaks out, even a small one, the effects can be devastating as the smoke damage is often more destructive than the fire itself. Aside from the physical loss that a Baltimore homeowner must deal he must also face the emotional and psychological effects of seeing his investments turn into ashes.

Dealing with fire or smoke damage restoration and cleaning is often the homeowner’s problem. The water damage and cleaning from extinguishing the fire can do just as much damage. The belongings are not handled by the insurance company. After the cause is known, cleaning and restoration of undamaged or partially damaged items is to be made. The homeowner must be present during the restoration cleaning to be able to salvage possible items.

Eco Pro Restoration is a licensed, bonded and insured company capable of providing the services you need when it comes to any of the services that require fire damage cleanup or smoke damage restoration. We can provide the water damage restoration needed to cleanup the water left behind, the fire damage restoration services afterwards and even the smoke damage restoration needed to make your home or business look like new again.

Things to consider during fire damage restoration:

  • Control people from entering the burned site; ask emergency personnel to cordon the site for you. No one except family members and hired contractors must enter and exit the site.
  • Ask a licensed electrical company to accompany you to the site to assess electrical damage as well.
  • Wear adequate protective clothing. Wear industrial safety gloves to protect your hands from charred wood and glass particles.
  • Have a durable garbage bag with you as you rummage for usable items in the heap. If there are potentially hazardous materials like paint and paint products, it is better to throw them in an appropriate bin.
  • Have water always ready with you in case a flare up should ever start. There is still a high possibility of a blaze starting if you have a dry and hot weather.
  • Check the home insurance and get all the paper work together.
  • Get photographs of your home as soon as possible.
  • Use an odor removal device to remove unwanted smells
  • Get a mold remediation specialist to inspect your home.

General Causes of Fire Damage Restoration Services

Electrical Fire

Do not underestimate the threat from electricity just because there is no flame included. The over warming or damage of hot plugs and sockets and blown fuses are dangerous.


Many cigarette related fires start since the cigarette is not put out totally. Extra common causes of damage include falling asleep with a cigarette and utilizing inappropriate ashtrays.

Candles and Fireplaces

Even a tiny candle light flame can have upsetting effects. Numerous candle light associated fires start due to droughts that lead to flames and tilting candle lights that are not put in suitable holders. While some causes of damage are general and can occur anywhere, other causes are more specific for certain rooms.

Room That Typically Need Fire Damage Restoration In Baltimore

The Kitchen

The kitchen contains many risks. The typical combination of gas, grease, electrical energy, and water is extremely hazardous and can cause much damage. Grease and oil is a common cause for fires in the cooking area is and is usually triggered by fry pans. This type is dangerous as it can set the whole kitchen ablaze. Additional types of damage are dry cooking fires and ovens. These types are easy to manage and they are not most likely to cause damage. Cooking area devices may likewise igniter if not maintained well.

Bed rooms

Bed rooms usually catch ablaze when triggered by abuse of electrical gadgets. Flames can start due to overwhelming extension cables and the use of electric blankets and warmers without any lab-approval. Heating systems are an issue during winter season if they are recklessly placed near linen, clothing, and other combustible items and can damage not only your home, but your family.

Attics, Basements and the Garage

Popular as storage locations these places usually consist of dangers such as gasoline and other combustible liquids. Old clothing, documents and other combustible products are also dangerous and must be saved securely. A lot of the electrical fire threats are likewise located in these locations. Worn cables, electrical boxes and other indications of electrical problem must be treated immediately.

Heating Devices and Fireplaces

These are prepared to generate heat and might be hazardous if not kept well. Running the fireplace without a screen will allow hot tinders to fly into the room and trigger fire. Other causes of fire damage are combustible items such as wallpaper, curtains, and clothes that are left without keeping adequate clearance around the heater.