Assuring Clean and Healthy Homes and Businesses

We provide odor removal in Baltimore for the real estate market, auto dealerships, hotels & motels and anyone else needing to remove stubborn odors.

odor removalEco Pro Restoration uses our unlimited supply of portable, commercial ozone generators to saturate any space with high concentrations (‘shock’ levels) of O3 ozone gas. Ozone oxidizes odor & mold-causing VOC’s (volatile organic compounds) at the molecular level. Rather than adding harsh chemicals & detergents to your space that leave a messy residue ozone reacts to the air to neutralize odors & sanitize the space back to sterile condition. Ozone doesn’t simply make a room smell better with fragrance or odor-masking. It removes odors all together. Permanent elimination and non-invasive to your property.

How Do We Perform Odor Removal?

We bring our unlimited ozone power to any home, any size, anywhere to complete professional shock treatment and permanently neutralize odors, mold, bacteria, and VOC’s at the source.

Ozone treatment does not add anything to the air or leave a messy residue . High concentrations of ozone oxidizes odors by neutralizing them at the molecular level.

Musty basements due to water damage are one of the most common odor removal problems that are easily solved. Often we find these odors during mold remediation jobs. We de-humidify your space and set up a system of fans to disperse the air. The final step is to use multiple ozone generators to shock treat the space free of all odor causing compounds. From there, maintenance cycles are programmed to keep your lower level smelling fresh all year long. Fire damage can also cause odors from smoke. We can handle these situations as well.

Ozone generators work great for properties damaged by fire or flood!

odor removal Whether the damage is minor to major, our systems can bring your space back to new condition. Contact us for more information on this very effective treatment for odors & mold removal. Our technicians can come to your home or business to provide a free estimate to you. When you need odor removal in Baltimore call Eco Pro Restoration today!