A mason is a skilled craftsman who works with brick, concrete and stone. These are necessary for all types of new construction and repairs from building a fireplace to erecting a wall or laying flooring. Anywhere you will use brick, stone, or concrete, a mason can help. They will ensure the project is completed properly; the structure is sound; and that it is visually pleasing. Before hiring a mason, consider the project and ask questions.

Know what you want to accomplish before requesting bids from masons. A mason can help with design and layout but you should have a general idea of what you want done before requesting bids. The mason will ask specific questions and inspect the area where the work will be done to give you a better idea of the needs and scope of work.

Always get multiple quotes when hiring any contractor. Get referrals from friends or check the local directories to find several masons to quote on your project. Get references and review pictures of past projects to determine the skill level of the mason. Masonry can truly be an art form that takes time, skill, and patience. When I had stone put on the front of my new home, I was amazed at the amount of skill it took to make the wall look good. It took a lot of time to fit the stones properly so that there weren’t all big stones in one area and all little stones in another. The project took time but turned out gorgeous.

When looking for a mason ask questions about how long they have been in business and the types of projects they specialize in. Make sure they are fully insured and get proof. There is potential for damage to your property and you want to ensure it will be covered.

A quote will generally be comprised of labor and materials. The labor costs will include preparation, the actual work to complete the project, and clean up. Material prices will vary depending on the materials desired for the structure. An experienced mason can give you suggestions on the best materials for your project and possible options for budget concerns.

Hire the mason who has the best mix of experience, quality past projects and price. Make sure you feel comfortable with the person as they will be working closely with you and have access to your home. If you are not comfortable with a mason, do not hire them. Execute a contract before work is started. This should include detailed specifications of the work including labor and materials. It should also include cleaning post project and a warranty of work. Read this carefully to ensure you have everything covered. The costs should be clearly outlined and include the payment terms. Never pay the total cost upfront but instead reserve some for completion of work.

An experienced mason will be able to make a sound, beautiful structure to your specifications. They will be able to complete the project in a timely manner and clean up all debris so your home is properly maintained and safe. Choose a mason you feel comfortable communicating with and who has a proven record of quality work.

And if you are having a difficult time choosing a mason, try your local stone/brick company. Many have showrooms that you’ll want to visit anyway to pick out the stone or brick you want. They will often have business cards of masons that past customers have used and some showrooms will even have sample walls of work done by various area masons for you to look at.

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